Schuyler's Company is a family based group of reenactors, that attend living history events throughout upstate New York, and into Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut. The original Company were formed as part of the New York Provincials during the war and is from the Albany, NY area. The recreated unit is based on 1759 and our clothing reflects what was distrubuted to the company, in that year. The members participate in a variety of trade demonstrations at events, in addition to scripted battle recreations.
Several major campaigns marked 1759 and the NY provincials were involved in two of the most important ones. Amherst marching north against Ticonderoga, and Prideaux and Johnson using Oswego as a staging point against the fort at

Niagara. The Niagara campaign was formed first and 2,380 NY provincials made up the largest regiment of the Niagara expedition. The NY regiment was commanded by Colonel John Johnston. At Oswego, 720 men of the New York regiment were hand picked to continue on against Niagara. The remaining members of the NY regiment stayed at Oswego to refortify that position and protect the expedition's lines of communication. The 720 NY provincials were formed into 2 battalions and advanced under Colonel John Johnston and Lt. Colonel Michael Thodey. They were heavily involved with the siege


works and actively participated in the siege of Ft. Niagara. Colonel Johnston was killed and Lt. .Colonel Thodey was wounded during the siege. On July 24, 1759, 50 members of the NY provincials were part of the British troops that defeated the French relief force at the Battle of La Belle Famille. The provincials held the left flank of the British line and although there are reports that the provincials ran from the battle, it is agreed that they served honorably during the siege. After

the siege, 100 members of the NY provincials were left at Niagara to rebuild the fortress and to repair the ship building facilities at Niagara. It is unknown how long they remained at Niagara but extra clothing was requested for them in October 1759. Ft. Niagara records show that the NY provincials were part of the garrison at Niagara over the 1759-1760 winter and suffered through an outbreak of scurvy at the fort.


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